Free Calculators and Math Solvers is a project that actually started way back in 2011. It was at that time a website of free calculators was created as a hobby. After many years of developing that hobby calculator website, it was determined that a whole new website could be created with online calculators that would be a better source for students and anyone else looking for math help.

Easy-Calculators - Online calculators and math solvers.

Easy-Calculators Mission

We want to create a valuable, easy-to-use, collection of free calculators and math solvers with clear explanations on the different math subjects that come up.

Are you sick and tired of searching online for a specific online calculator related to your profession? Or is your desk drawer full of gadgets that you will probably never use because they are too complicated to figure out? We know how difficult it can be to remember every equation related to your profession which is why we created a large selection of online calculator programs to help make your job easier.

Students, are you tired of figuring out general to complex math problems because you can't remember all the equations you've learned in the past? From general math, nature and weather, business and accounting tools, and even percentage calculators, we have every type you need to complete your homework or job task.

Free Calculator Examples

So what can you expect for calculators and math solvers on You'll be able to learn more about fractions, and how to simplify. You'll find algebra calculators that help you calculate the slope intercept form of a line. You'll find many calculators to help with converting measurements, weights, torque, power, lengths and others. You'll be able to find the hypotenuse of a triangle and volume of a sphere with the geometry calculators. Solve more math problems relating to exponents, logarithms, and factors.

Other Calculator Ideas

It's not just about the calculators and math solvers. We also want your feedback on new calculator ideas. It's because of feedback in the past that we've created calculators like the cricket/chirp calculator. I know, look it up. If you have ideas for new calculators and math solvers then reach out to us through our contact page. We also use advertising on the website to create funds that we make available as scholarships and grants. It's pretty cool. We don't only create scholarships for college-bound students, but we create grants to help teachers purchase supplies. We also extend funds out to people looking to go to a vocational school and even those in addiction recovery that are looking to start a new career.

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